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Dog training at D.O.G. Hotels | D.O.G. Hotels

Dog training is important for the health and well-being of your pet. It can be difficult to determine which training method or service is right for your dog, but D.O.G. Hotels is ready to help. Our qualified dog trainers offer the highest level of training services and equip you to teach your pet at home. 

Should You Train Your Dog?

Dog training is hard. Most pet parents struggle to provide the consistent training methods dogs need to be successful. Using YouTube videos or the advice of other dog owners is not enough to properly train your pet. Every dog is different and requires a unique approach to training. That’s when a professional dog trainer can come to your rescue!

At D.O.G. Hotels, we recommend training your dog as soon as possible. If you invest in your dog’s training when they are a puppy, they will have better results in the long run. Today’s dog training sessions and courses are puppy-friendly because they are based on rewards and treats instead of harsh methods. It is crucial that you start training and socializing your puppy before taking them to a dog park or visiting other dogs. 

Dog training protects both you and your pet. Trained dogs interact with other animals and humans well. They are less likely to run away from you or bolt after a car, which can save their life. A successfully trained dog is also better when it comes to boarding. They are more likely to listen to the commands of others and have a smooth overnight stay. 

D.O.G. Hotels Dog Training

We understand the importance of properly training your dog. Our knowledgeable and experienced dog trainers have worked with many pets, and they can customize a training program to meet your pup’s needs. You can schedule one-on-one sessions to train your dog with the help of a professional dog trainer. 

Every dog is different. Your pet may require fewer or more frequent training sessions depending on their reaction to training. Your dog trainer at D.O.G. Hotels will provide exercises you can do with your dog at home to reinforce what they learn during training sessions. Even after your dog learns the basics for dog training, you can continue to provide them with regular training sessions to perfect their behaviors. 

How do I Schedule Dog Training at D.O.G. Hotels?

It is simple to get your dog set up with high-quality training services at D.O.G. Hotels. Have your dog’s proof of Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines, so we can ensure the safety of your pet and other pets at our facilities. Select the training program or package that works best for your schedule to get started. 

You can drop your dog off at a D.O.G. Hotels location for some socialization at our doggy daycare. Your pet will be supervised while they learn to play with other dogs in a safe environment. A dog trainer can work with your pet for an hour during the day in a one-on-one, controlled training situation. You can also schedule training sessions for you, your pup, and your trainer. During these sessions, you will learn how to implement training methods at home to continue teaching your dog the skills they need to learn. 

What Types of Dog Training are Available?

D.O.G. Hotels offers a wide range of dog training options to meet the needs of you and your pet. If your puppy needs to be potty trained, you can work with a pet trainer to customize a potty-training plan. We do not recommend potty training during boarding stays, but we have plenty of options to fit your schedule. 

If you are interested in training your dog to be a service animal or therapy dog, D.O.G. Hotels has your answer. Our trainers can be contacted via phone or email to discuss your pet and see if they qualify for this type of training. Canine Good Citizen is a great way to jumpstart your pup’s training and make them the perfect companion. Therapy dogs require a high level of training to complete all of the tasks their owners require. Our dog trainers can provide the highest level of training services if your dog qualifies for this type of training. All dog training classes and programs are pet friendly. We use only the best and proven training methods to teach your dog all of the necessary behaviors. Our trainers understand the needs of your dog. They are able to gauge when training methods are successful and make necessary adjustments if your pet becomes tired or frustrated. Together, you and your dog trainer at D.O.G. Hotels can have your pet successfully trained in no time!

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