For a lot of dog lovers, it is difficult to be away from your pet for long periods of time without getting
worried. However, at times you may find that you need to leave your pet for a few days, perhaps to go
on a business trip or in another location that may not be able to accommodate your pet overnight.
Lеаvіng thе реt аlоnе іѕ nоt аn іdеа thаt ѕіtѕ well fоr mоѕt аnіmаl lоvеrѕ.

Boarding your dog is a serious matter and is often a heartbreaking experience for both owners and their
pets, particularly for the first time, and however brief the stay. But, with careful research and the
investment of time spent checking out the local alternatives, a dog hotel doesn't have to be a
heartbreak hotel for you or your pet!

The most important consideration to be made when you're gone is to ensure that the dog is in proper
hands. Experienced and quality boarding services take utmost care of the dogs. They do everything in
their power to keep the dog happy and comfortable. This way you can keep away from troubling your
family or friends with the request of taking care of your dog in your absence.

Dog boarding services make sure that your pet is never lonely because they would have other dogs and
also facilities keeping an eye on the pets every minute of the day. They take special interest and keep a
watchful eye over dogs that are in the house for the first time. This is done because good dog boarding
services understand the psychology of the dog if it is away from its owner for the first time.

Today you can find pet suites, dog hotels, dog bed and breakfast, well you get the picture. Most major
cities now offer options for your dog, some that provide some pretty awesome activities for him.
Swimming, massages, individual human playtime or group playtime with the other dogs are all options.
During rest time they can sleep in a very comfortable setting, unlike the dreary cement settings of the

Apart from this, it is also essential to choose a top-class dog boarding service for your pet. With the
increase in demand there are lots of dog boarding facilities claiming to be providing top-class boarding
for your dogs. However, you need to ensure that the facility you choose is of top quality and this you can
do by talking to friends and even checking for reviews. It would do you a world of good if the facility is
run by a group of people who are dog lovers themselves. Choosing the best one ensures that your pet is
looked after, while you are away. Factors to consider include;

Sleeping quarters

Take a tour around the facility to see how they house their dogs. In a lot of cases, dogs are placed in
cages. If your pet is not used to being placed in a cage or is not suited for smaller enclosures, you may
want to consider looking for more lavish accommodations such as a dog hotel. In a dog hotel, your pet
will be provided its own bed and toys. Keep in mind that this will be a more expensive option.

Exercise and interaction

Your dog needs to move around and stretch its muscles. There are some dog boarding places that take
dogs out for a walk twice or thrice a day. If your pet is used to running around, you may want to
consider finding a place with its own yard where the dogs can roam. You may also want to inquire about

the place's protocol on grouping dogs to play with each other. Also try to ask if they offer additional
services such as dog grooming to keep its fur nice and clean while you are away.


Placing a dog in a new area can be a stressful experience. Even more so if your dog is being offered food
that it is not accustomed to. An alternative way is to ask the staff on whether they would allow you to
bring your pet's regular food. Ask if there are any additional charges for bringing food to your pet. Giving
your dog its regular food will offer added comfort in what could be considered a stressful situation for
your pet.

Health issues

Heaven forbid that your dog gets injured or sick while being housed in a dog boarding area. Although
there is little possibility of this happening to your dog, it is best to consider as many possibilities as you
can to keep your dog safe and comfortable while you are away. Check whether the place has a clinic or
is located near a veterinary hospital. You may feel more comfortable in taking your pet to your usual vet.
Ask the personnel if they can transport your pet to own vet in the event of an emergency.

These are only some of the factors dog lovers consider when looking for a dog boarding place. There are
many others, depending on your dog’s needs. Always consider if your dog will feel comfortable in such a
place as this will act as their temporary home while you are away from home.


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