Coral Gables

Owner (Alejandro La Corte)

“Before D.O.G. I was in franchising with different brands for more than a decade both on the corporate side and as a franchisee of multiple locations. I was really excited to be a pioneer in building such an incredible brand. It’s such an exciting environment to be a part of. There is never a dull moment!”


Owner (Juan Coll)

“Owning and operating a D.O.G. HOTEL is extremely rewarding. I really enjoy building customer relationships by sharing STORIES about their dog while they’re in our care”


Owner (Julio Isaza)

Dog, married my passion for business and my love for dogs, and it was a match made in heaven.
“After being in the business world for 37 years, opening a DOG was such a different path and one that I was excited to embark on. It has been more than rewarding and exciting. It is a totally different form of business ownership and the most rewarding is getting to know the pet parents and of course each dog. DOG is the best way to operate a business while enjoying life; every day when I enter the store I am happy and excited to see our furry family members.

It’s all about the furry friends!

The first step to a successful partnership is to share a love for the dogs. Additionally, we look to work alongside passionate and highly motivated individuals who understand that goals are better achieved as a team. There’s nothing better than joining a community that shares the passion for your work.

Remember, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Ideal Candidate for owning a D.O.G. franchise

  • Past experience as a business owner is not necessary, we’ve got your back! Although we do want you to have skin in the game; so you’ll be both owner and operating owner.
  • Past experience as a corporate professional, preferably but not limited to, executive level. Some experience as a manager is a plus.
  • We do accept pure investors, however in this case we require present or past business owner experience.
  • If you are a developer looking for growth, we are a great option. We can be your long term partner in a very successful strategy.
  • A minimum net worth of $1M and $500K in liquid asset.
  • And most importantly, must love dogs, seriously – you really have to love dogs.


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