Why daycare for dogs?

The purpose of D.O.G Daycare is to exercise and socialize your pet. Your dog’s personality can be strongly influenced by the amount of physical and mental stimulation they receive. Many troublesome dog behaviors are a direct result of boredom, anxiety and loneliness. Dogs yearn for companionship.

Daycare Basics
Large Breed Park and Small Breed/Puppy Park
D.O.G. indoor parks are climate controlled with K-9 grass to ease the impact on joints and to ensure a bug-free environment.
Dogs will play with their canine buddies according to size and age while interacting closely with the experienced staff of D.O.G.
Staff will take all dogs for potty breaks every two hours.

Initial screening of all pets is required. Proof of distemper, rabies (according to age), and bordatella must be faxed to D.O.G. from your vet prior to your dog’s first visit.

*Half day is everything that is less than 6 hours.
*Full day is everything that’s 6 hours or more.


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