What it’s like to be a Dog Mom

What its like to be a Dog Mom | D.O.G. Hotels

Dog moms (and dads) are more common than ever before. These dog lovers go beyond traditional pet owners and treat their furry friends like part of their family. While some parents roll their eyes at the thought, owning a dog is a lot like having a child of your own these days. 

Dogs are an important part of the family in 2019

The statistics on dog ownership and pet care among Millennials are astonishing. The younger generation is making pets a bigger part of their everyday life and spending a considerable amount on their “fur babies.” Here are some eye-opening stats that show dogs are like children when it comes to Millennial pet owners.

  • 56% of Millennials own dogs
  • 67% of Millennials consider their pet to be part of their family
  • Millennials spend an average of $1,285 each year on their pet
  • Millennials are willing to spend $2,000 on average for their animal’s medical care
  • 79% of pet owners who bought a home would pass on a house if it did not suit the needs of their pet
  • 14% of Millennials purchase luxury pet-care items
  • Spending on pet food has risen 36% in the last decade

Of course Millennials are not the only dog moms spending more time and money on their pets. However, pet ownership seems to be declining among older generations. 

Why are pet parents doting on their dogs?

There are a lot of differences between Millennials, who grew up in a tech-filled world, and older generations. Millennials are delaying lifetime milestones due to their financial situations and shifting viewpoints. The average age of marriage for women today is 29.2, compared to 21-years-old back in 1965. For men, the average age today is 30.9, compared to 23-years-old in 1965.

Millennials are also delaying having kids or skipping the experience altogether. Only 42% of young women today report that they plan to have children, compared with 78% 20 years ago. Because a lot of millennials do not have a life partner or children, they are able to devote more time, attention, and resources to their pets.

Thanks to the rise in social media, dog ownership is more popular than ever before. Pet owners in America report posting about their pet twice per week. Overall, about 25% of social media user’s photos are related to pets. Even 33% of users say that they post about their pets as often as the humans in their family. Of the pet owners that post about their fur babies on social media, 55% care about the likes on those posts more than others.

What are the popular trends for dog moms today?

Dog moms are the newest trendsetters in the pet care industry. They are greatly influencing the pet care market because they are willing to spend a larger percentage of their income on their pets. The pet industry is taking its cues from dog moms and Millennial dog owners to provide the best quality products and services. The following are current trends for dog moms.

  • Healthy dog food: Dog parents are demanding higher quality food and treats for their beloved pets. They are paying attention to the ingredients in their pets food, much like they do with their own food. 
  • Technology: People love to check in on their pets with their smartphones. Companies are developing new tech-focused products and services that allow pet owners to interact with their dogs when they’re away from home. 
  • Pet services: Pet pampering is becoming more popular. Dog owners want to provide the highest level of grooming and pet care for their animals. Pet hotels, boutique salons, and pet transportation companies are on the rise. 

Treat Your Dog at D.O.G. Hotels

Dog moms in Florida can find the perfect boutique experience for their fur babies at D.O.G. Hotels. You can trust that your pet is in the best hands with daycare, boarding, and grooming services that are tailored for them. Dogs can spend a full day playing with other dogs and a well-trained staff or have a safe and fun environment while you are out of town. The professional pet lovers at D.O.G. Hotels are committed to caring for your dog as much as you do! Book your dog’s stay at D.O.G. Hotels today.

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